Now you can support Wisconsin Public Television by buying the things you already need in life. Things like a new book, an external hard drive, a gift for grandma, or socks for your self. Whatever you buy online, you can now buy it and support WPT at the same time.

Here’s How:

  • Click the logo below.
  • Browse for items, add them to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.
  • A portion of your total purchase goes to WPT. There is no added cost to you.

It’s that simple.

Wisconsin Public Television revenue graph

Are items more expensive on if I support WPT?

No. The cost of items does not change.

If I buy multiple items, does each help support WPT?

Yes. A portion of all the things you buy will support WPT. Whether it’s a book, two books and a DVR recorder, cat toys, whatever … a portion of the total purchase goes to support WPT.

What portion of the purchase goes to WPT?

Approximately 4 to 7 percent of the purchase. It all depends on the number of items viewers purchase.

Why do I have to start at to get to

Clicking the logo on tells Amazon that you are a WPT supporter and that you would like a portion of your purchase to go to WPT. If you navigate to any other way, recognizes you as a normal customer and will not donate a portion of your purchase to WPT.

If I navigate to via today, but don’t complete the purchase until tomorrow, will my purchase still support WPT?

No. You must complete your purchase within 24 hours of clicking the link to Each time you want to make another purchase, you must again navigate to via a link from

If you have other questions, please contact WPT Audience Services.