2019 Jerry Awards

Wisconsin Public Television is proud to be live streaming the 2019 Jerry Awards shows live from the Overture Center in Madison. Join us to celebrate the best high school musical performers from across Wisconsin. The full programs will also be available to watch on demand at wpt.org/jerrys early next week! This work is part of Wisconsin Public Television’s Young Performers Initiative.

2019 Jerry Awards - Part One

Celebrate high school musical theater and performers across Wisconsin.

2019 Jerry Awards - Part Two

Celebrate high school musical theater and performers across Wisconsin.

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Funding for the broadcast and livestream is provided by Julie & Larry Midtbo, A. Paul Jones Charitable Trust, Mary Ellyn & Joe Sensenbrenner, Thomas Terry and Friends of Wisconsin Public Television.

Download the 3 PM Show Rundown
Download the 7:30 PM Show Rundown
Download the 2019 Jerry Awards Playbill

14 thoughts on “Jerry Awards”

  • Was the live broadcast edited? I’m watching the saved livestream and can’t find Franklin High School’s “The Drowsy Chaperone.

    • Wisconsin Public Television says:

      Franklin performed in Act One of the 3 PM show.

      The Watch again button only plays the latest stream, which would be the 7:30 show. Click the box with the arrow in the top-right of the livestream player to get access to both shows.

    • Wisconsin Public Television says:

      In the upper right of the livestream player, there is a box with an arrow that, when clicked, will offer both 3 PM and 7:30 PM shows.

  • Incredible, unbelievable talent! I so much look forward to watching every year. I have nieces and nephews who participate, but I also enjoy watching both the 3:00 and the 7:30 in their entireties! It’s amazing to watch different people put their own spin on the same role. Such a terrific way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon
    Thank you!

  • John Grande says:

    Thank You, Wisconsin Public Television for broadcasting the Jerry Awards. These young performers are amazing, dedicated and hard working. I really enjoyed the opportunity to watch the 7:30 show online.

    • Wisconsin Public Television says:

      The player’s sound is muted by default. Click the audio icon and you should have sound.

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