On-air Support

WPT delivers arts, education, news and public affairs content, while simultaneously providing sponsors a trusted platform reaching a premium audience of educated, affluent and loyal individuals.

Sponsorship on WPT delivers reach, frequency, influence and impact. Our local corporate sponsors receive high visibility, superior quality, corporate credibility and an uncluttered environment that makes messages stand out.

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Example: American Provenance

Example: Boldt

Example: Edvest

Example: Ganshert Nurseries


PBS and its member stations are rated #1 in public trust among nationally known institutions*, and viewers associate sponsors with the highest level of quality and trust, unmatched by any other media platform.

PBS Viewer Profile

  • Affluent: HHI of $250K, for viewers ages 40-65, indexes higher than ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.
  • Influential: 1 in 4 people who influence science and public policy watch NOVA.
  • Educated: PBS viewers are 21% more likely to hold post-graduate degrees.

The “Halo Effect” of Public Television

  • 76% of viewers agree that sponsors are committed to quality, excellence, and education.
  • 70% of viewers agree that sponsors represent high-quality brands.
  • 64% of viewers agree that sponsors are more trustworthy than advertisers on commercial networks.
  • 74% of viewers agree that sponsors provide a valuable public service.
  • 62% of viewers agree that sponsors are industry leaders.
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Jordan Siegler

Manager Director, Corporate Giving & Events

Dawn Nowakowski

Director of Business Sponsorship

Lisa Bultman

Business Sponsorship Manager